Our delicious dishes

  • Albaloo Polo*


    pomegranate glazed chicken, sour-cherry basmati rice blend

  • Lubia Polo


    spiced braised beef, green beans, tomato, basmati rice

  • Khoresh Fesenjoon *


    stew braised chicken, walnuts, pomegranate, and basmati rice

  • Khoresh Qaymeh*


    aromatic stew of lamb, yellow split peas, tomatoes, sundried limes, and basmati rice

  • Kabob and Tachin*


    choice of any two grilled: barg (steak), kubideh (beef), chicken, mahi , shrimp, OR vegetarian ($20.95)
    + accompanied by a dill yogurt sauce and salad shirazi

  • Grilled Lamb Steak


    potato kuku, roasted vegetables, tomato-herb butter

  • Azari Kufteh


    large meatball stuffed with a hard-boiled egg & barberries in a saffron tomato broth

  • Persian Gulf Fisherman Stew


    mahi mahi, tuna, mussels, shrimp, in a white wine tamarind broth accompanied by dates and chick
    peas & dipping toast

  • Seared Ahi Tuna Encrusted with Dried Lime - $32.00 / Whole Roasted Bronzino - $35.00 *


    sautéed spinach, dried figs, apricots and tart cherries in a tomato-citrus broth

  • All items and prices are subject to change based on availability and market value